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A crazy week of learning!


So this week has been a week of learning! I've has been incredibly busy training in London - Yoga For Cerebral Palsy and PMLD. What an amazing experience! A massive thank you to the course trainer Jyoti Jo Manuel who was such a patient and fantastic instructor. Advocating a mix of breathing exercises, massage and stretches this course gives the opportunity for practitioners to bring sessions to children who most often than not aren't able to access such extra- curricular activities. What an invigorating few days ( although 2 full days of sitting on yoga mats has given me such an achy back! Oh the irony!!) I can't wait to get into the studio and work some of these new concepts into our CanDo programmes.

If that wasn't enough, it was back home late Tuesday evening to prepare for my final day of Makaton training. I know what you're thinking.... why did she schedule them all together?! Yeap, a question I have been asking myself.... turns out I really like to panic and stress myself out to the point that I'm on my last legs. haha. 200+ new signs learnt and a fight to keep focused! A huge thank you to Sian Davey the regional Makaton Tutor - the help and support was second to none.

So now the task of learning fluidity of speaking and signing begins..... at home, shopping, in my adult fitness classes and my ALN / SEN classes... everyone is going to be experiencing my Makaton signing! As they say practice makes perfect! ( Well... let's hope! )

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