Ability not disability is a blended learning CPD Course open to anyone with a Level 2+ Fitness/ group exercise instructors, qualified dance teachers and gymnastics coaches with a passion for inclusion. The course covers various theory and practical elements with plenty of time for discussion and development. The theory modules are designed to be completed prior to attending the one day practical live, giving you all the tools to create your own SEND/ ALN class.  Due to COVID 19 the live training day will be delivered via Zoom. 

Attendees will gain knowledge in a range of topics to provide instructors and dance teachers with the skills to adapt and create effective sessions  achieving maximum awareness;  acquiring  strategies to engage, communicate and develop those with Additional Learning Needs/ SEND. 

Our trainings are endorsed by  EMD UK and have met all requirements set out by ActiveIQ. The CPD is open to anyone with a Level 2 fitness qualification in exercise to music or dance fitness, qualified Dance teachers  and registered gymnastics instructors. 


No prior knowledge on Additional Learning Needs, sensory integration or behaviour strategies are required but we do recommend you are passionate and have an open mind! 

No monthly or franchise fees needed as this CPD provides you with tools and support to help develop your own classes. 


Barriers to participation 

Sensory processing 

Communication strategies 

Developing and maintaining motor- skills

Crossing the Mid-line difficulties

Strategies for overloads and meltdowns 

Creating and adapting choreography 

Behaviour Strategies 

Teaching styles and learner types

Preparations and paperwork

Movement safety 

Engagement through rhythm 

Balance and co-ordination strategies

Use of props 

Benefits of stretching for SEND /ALN 





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