Sunday 9th May 10am - 4.30pm  on Zoom. 


Ability not Disability is a blended learning course with  pre-course learning provided prior to attending the online zoom course. 


Topics covered on the CPD 


Barriers to participation 

Sensory processing 

Communication strategies 

Correct terminology

Creating and adapting age appropriate choreography 

Developing and maintaining motor- skills

Crossing the Mid-line difficulties

Strategies for overloads and meltdowns 

Behaviour Strategies 

Teaching styles and learner types

Preparations and paperwork

Movement safety 

Engagement through rhythm 

Balance and co-ordination strategies

Use of props 

Benefits of stretching for SEND /ALN 



There are both theory and practical elements to this course and participation in all sections is required to complete the training. There is an assessed element where you will be asked to submit two  videos showcasing learning from the course in order to meet the criteria to pass. 

Sunday 9th May Zoom Ability not Disability CPD Course



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